We help dyslexic
children reach their full potential.
Syngo is an interactive learning app that uses game-based learning to help children gain phonological awareness skills and confidence.
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We believe in

making the unimaginable possible.

Why syngo?
A pressure-free environment

A dyslexic-friendly learning approach

All of our learning games are taught in phases just like it would at school. We know timed assessments are no fun thats why our learning activities are all self-paced and only proceed when a child is ready.

Collect badges

Watch your child's confidence grow

No matter your ability we believe you should feel confident. Watch your child's confidence grow as they learn to pronounce letters, form sentences and much more. Our reward badges help remind them what a great job they are doing.

Learning Insights

We keep you up-to-date

Keep up to date with your child's learning progression through our easy-to-use insights. We provide you with all the information you need to know.

Free Learning Assessment

Our free learning assessment helps us to provide a tailored learning approach.


Get instant updates when daily activities have been complete or goals have been reached.

Set goals

Add structure to your child's learning through goals and help increase motivation.

Let's set dyslexic children up for success


How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's absolutely free.

Does my child need supervised while using it?

We promote a no-pressure environment and encourage independence so we don't recommend supervision.

Can schools and teachers use Syngo?

Yes! we ❤️ to help schools out! We understand it's not easy to get the funding to support dyslexic students so we are here to help.

Is it safe to use Syngo?

Yes! We feel strongly about privacy, and we will not share your data with anyone.